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Listen to Alex Mandossian Explain about Virtual Book Tours

In 2008, for her , Diane Eble interviewed Alex Mandossian, creator of the Ask-type Virtual Book Tour System.

Find out how and why Virtual Book Tours were invented, why they work so well (and why lesser-known authors often sell more than well-known authors through Virtual Book Tours), and what Diane said that gave Alex chills!

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Note: The date of the 2009 Preview Call is July 2, not June 5 as mentioned in the interview (that was for 2008).

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In the QA sessions that Alex holds after each teaching part of Virtual Book Tour Systems, some of the most-asked questions concerned coming up with winning book titles. I listened carefully to the answers, did a lot of research and testing on my own, and came up with a course on how to choose a bestselling book title.


This Special Report gives you a start on the process. (Read on to find out how to get the whole 5-module course for free.)


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  • the  5 characteristics of a bestselling title 
  • 7 criteria for choosing your best title (and the minimum number you should shoot for) 
  • The different "jobs" your title and subtitle must do. Miss even one, and your book is likely doomed. 
  • 12 places to go for great title ideas 
  • The  killer criteria that trumps all others when you test your title 
  • How to create a "swipe file" of bestselling titles from which to brainstorm your own 
  • How to use your research to create templates of best-selling titles you can use over again, not just for your title, but for marketing as well 
  • 7 ways to test your titles and come up with the winner that you can be sure will sell your book—including one that will actually net you income before your book is even published  
  • 7  action steps for choosing your bestselling title 


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This includes additional training that will ensure you will get the most out of your own VBT.



"You are a great interviewer! Awesome--nicely done!"--Alex Mandossian, creator of Virtual Book Tour Systems

"Diane is great at bringing the best out of people. Even Oprah could learn a few tricks from Diane!--Scott Whitelaw

VBT Flow Chart Explained

FAQ on Virtual Book Tours

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Sample Interview for a Service:

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