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A "Tour" of the Virtual Book Tour System Flow Chart*

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Virtual Book Tour Flow Chart 
Sample Virtual Book Tours: 


 (Example of limited time offer of free audio book with or without purchase of the book. Nearly 100% of attendees responded either by buying the book or downloading the audio. List continued to build by 81% with no extra publicity--just the "viral loop" of the tell-a-friend feature on the replay page. Overall response in replay stage: 33%--phenomenal in direct response marketing.)


 (Example of pre-event stage. Unfortunately, Billy Joe Dougherty passed away suddenly before the event could be completed. Somehow, with no publicity but Diane's own methods--outlined in the post-VBT training every client gets--176 people signed up for the event.)


 (Example of two authors interviewed.)


  (Virtual Book Tour with best-selling author Dinesh D'Souza on November 18, 2008. More than 800 questions submitted. Now in Post-Ask phase 3.)


  (Virtual Book Tour on  with Nancy Ortberg, done for the publisher, Tyndale House Publishers. Took place on March 18, 2008; currently in Post-Ask phase 3.)


   (Virtual Book Tour on  with authors Frank Viola and George Barna, done for the publisher, Tyndale House Publishers. Took place on March 18, 2008; currently in Post-Ask phase 3.)


 (VBT on  by Mark Levine. Currently in Post-Ask phase 3.)


   (Diane Eble's VBT for Abundant Gifts—124 books sold in 6 days. List still growing, sales still coming in. This is now in the "Post-Ask" phase 3.)


  (Example of Ask campaign with set date & AskThanks page. Note that this is an ongoing campaign; depending on when you look at it, it might be in the replay phase.)


   (Example of Post-Ask page with two authors. People can also reserve their advance order. So you see how a VBT can be used to promote a book even before it's published. Then, after it's published, they can promote it on their Ask page--and do another teleseminar.)


   (This one is interesting--it's an example of a post-Ask page, once the VBT is done, that gives access to the replay and free chapters, and asks for an email address to build a list.)


   (Another example of how to do a post-ask page and replay--all on same page. Sold CD program, not book.)


Many best-selling authors, such as Mark Victor Hansen, Jack Canfield, Michael Gerber, Seth Godin, Tim Ferris and others use this to sell their books.


What do I do if I want to set up a VBT with Words to Profit?


Call Diane at 630-665-0843 (if no answer: 630-779-2718) to discuss the particulars of your situation. We can customize your package depending on what pre- and/or post-VBT promotional elements you may want to do.

                We usually need at least 3-6 weeks lead time to maximize the exposure, set things up, and schedule your VBT at the best time.


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* VBT System Flow Chart was developed and refined by Alex Mandossian. Access the hundreds of Virtual Book Tours he's done .


"You are a great interviewer! Awesome--nicely done!"--Alex Mandossian, creator of Virtual Book Tour Systems

"Diane is great at bringing the best out of people. Even Oprah could learn a few tricks from Diane!--Scott Whitelaw

VBT Flow Chart Explained

FAQ on Virtual Book Tours

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Sample Interview for a Service:

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